© Photo By Kanizaj for Klanglicht 2022
During our master's program CMSI we got the opportunity to participate in the Klanglicht Festival and design an audio-visual installation on the topic of growth. Together with Kerstin Slany, Diana Boltersdorf and Monika Uzelac we developed the visuals for Noah Rachdi’s composition “Myself Under Construction” and Florian Jaritz’s “Drought and Growth”.  
The Project “Myself Under Construction” explores the journey of personal growth, the struggles and triumphs, and the valuable lessons learned from our missteps. It delves into the quest to discover one's true self amidst societal pressures to conform, and uncovers the hidden struggles that often go unseen. 
“Drought and Growth” stages the growth in nature and addresses it’s force and beauty. It is a journey through various stages - starting in a barren and arid terrain, you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a storm. The redeeming rain finally enables a colourful spectacle. 
Alexandra Samandar: Concept & realization of The Visual Part

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